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Can The Dollar Index Go Higher?

Numerous events are taking place ahead of NY open, could we see a move in the dollar index?

Events to look out for are:

  • Initial Jobless Claims

  • Durable Goods

  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

These would be the ones I will be focusing on today given they are the most volatile

US Events - One Percent Trading Group

Initial Jobless Claims

Experts are expecting a drop in the jobless claims as its sitting at the moment at 412k

Initial Jobless Claims - One Percent Trading Group

Durable Goods Orders

Experts are looking for a positive result in Durable Goods Orders push from the -1.3 mark

Durable Goods Orders - One Percent Trading Group

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Experts looking to annualise the growth rate at 6.4%, given a positive result in strengthen the economy

Gross Domestic Product - One Percent Trading Group

Durable Goods Orders vs GDP

GDP compared with Durable goods orders a positive turn could push GDP up in the future

Durable Goods Orders vs GDP

US Dollar Index

Could we see a rise in the US dollar index after the news events ready for NY open

US Dollar Index

US Bond Yields

US 10Y & 30Y Bond yields has been taking a hit despite the rise in US dollar Index

US 10Y & 30Y Bond Yields

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