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Looking at the week ahead

USD to carry on the bull run? AUD, NZD & GBP to hit the trenches?

Looking at the week ahead there will be various news events coming out this week, naming one event for USD which is FOMC midweek, could the US Dollar carry on its bull run since June?

US manufacturing surprised investors last week with high gains in the manufacturing industry, but the iceberg ahead as they sail through is inflation, and the FEDs not taking action and letting it run hot is causing investors to look else where like the EURO.

Dollar Index, Daily Analysis

Looking at the Dollar Index, price has been in the bullish channel, could we see a continuation of the bullish channel or a break out back down?

Australian Dollar, Daily Analysis

The Australian Dollar has been selling off since May, and not looking back, Australia has been in a spot of trouble with covid 19 causing havoc, there PMI numbers was down last week due to lockdowns and retail sales took a hit.

British Pound, Daily Analysis

British Pound is in the same spot as AUD with a terrible PMI blamed to the delta variant with rising cases, looking on the charts it had a pull back last week, but giving the numbers we have seen, I can see GBP carrying on the sell off, investors are not taking on risk with the British pound.

New Zealand Dollar, Daily Analysis

New Zealand has bunkered down with Great Britain and Australia, they have been heavily impacted due to lockdowns,

Global effects causing supply chain issues and inflation on the rise, investors are looking on a risk off sentiment, not taking risk on currencies that are deep in the trenches.

Taking a look over to the euro there was positive numbers out last week which would push up the euro and break out the bearish channel

Euro, Daily Analysis

Will be a volatile week ahead as plenty of news events will be taking place, and renewed futures contracts took effect last week as investors exited the contracts or rolled them over on the futures market.

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