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Netflix & Chill

Netflix plans to break into the gaming industry by extending its service beyond TV entertainment, could this be a wise move in an already overcrowded market?

Netflix hires Mike Verdu former Facebook gaming executive who worked at EA and kabam and much more, we could say a veteran in the gaming industry, so how will Mike Verdu push gaming for Netflix?

Could we see a cloud service with state of the art tech to play high end video games or with virtual reality content where we are inside of the scenes of a Netflix favourite 'stranger things' or could we see Netflix have a more arcade type of approach?

Netflix knows it needs to make a move into the gaming industry due to its competitors like Apple TV, Amazon, Google and more in the entertainment industry.

The gaming industry was worth well over $90 billion and that was in 2020, forecasted to be worth $250 billion by 2025!

China and the Asian pacific being one of the largest amongst the gaming industry will be in set for the Netflix game launch as Netflix dominates shows from around the world.

Netflix expects the launch for next year, this week we saw over 2% gains giving confidence into the growing stock.

Netflix - Weekly Analysis

Netflix on the weekly has been ranging since July 2020, almost a year now, could we see it start to distribute for a pull back before the launch next year, or could we see Netflix reaccumulate until next year for the lunch of the gaming service?

Netflix - Daily Analysis

Netflix daily analysis, saw a 2% rise this week pushing prices up, breaking through the down channel, could we see the end of the range for a break on the upside? or will it come back down for a deep pull back in to the weekly demand?

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